Anthony Minghella (1954-2008)

Anthony MinghellaSad news today that writer and director Anthony Minghella has died. He was only 54. [BBC]

He is probably best known for his film work, having won the Oscar in 1997 for directing The English Patient.

It is his writing that most interested me. My senior project in college was a live broadcast of his radio play, Cigarettes and Chocolate.

In the play, a woman gives up talking for Lent, but everyone around her thinks it’s their fault she has gone silent. A funny premise that gradually becomes a story about the dangers and power of martyrdom. Wonderful play, great cast (including a very funny turn by my friend Jim Snowdon who I really need to call).

Minghella was an amazing talent. Sad to see him gone so soon.

[Photo: Film Festivals]

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  1. Jim Snowden says:

    Yeah. I’ve been thinking of that show since I heard about Minghella. I smile whenever I think of the phone message I had to deliver about my love declaration being a “not very good…poem.” Damn shame this.

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