Signature Audition – An Accompanist to Recommend

I recently attended a general audition at Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA. It went very differently than I expected.

I had chosen a quirky little monologue from “Cigarettes and Chocolate” by the late, great Anthony Minghella. I’ve been doing this monologue for years.

For the singing portion, I did “Charm Song” by Edward Kleban. Just found this silly ditty a few days before the audition. Not the smartest thing to do, but I took a chance.

As it turns out, the monologue felt only okay, but the song felt absolutely wonderful. Hubba-wha?

A major plus was that the accompanist was outstanding. She had a chance to play through it once and I got completely jazzed once I heard her. That carried over to the audition.

She was handing out cards, so I’ll pass her name along here. Her name is Mary Sugar [website]. She’s new to the area and bills herself as musical director, accompanist, vocal coach and reiki master. I can’t speak to her ability to heal your aura, but if you’re looking for an accompanist in the DC area I highly recommend her.


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