Callback at Roundhouse

The Tea Party from Alice in WonderlandDelighted to have been called back at Roundhouse Theatre for Alice, their upcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

Wonderfully goofy audition.  We were given the task of creating a swirling rabbit hole down through which Alice could fall.  It’s a living.

The audition felt alright.  Sort of wish my reading was a little stronger (I’m not sure if I really inhabited the grinning talking cat).  Two of us were kept behind to play music and that went really well.

I also convinced them to stick around and listen to the theremin.  I thought perhaps it might be able to be used for sound effects.  They had never seen one before.  We’ll see if that left an impression.

I had the great fortune of seeing my friend Carl Randolph in their production of A Prayer for Owen Meany.  The production was absolutely superb.  It would be a pleasure to work at this theater.


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