Wayside Leaving Front Royal

My artistic home for the last few years has been Wayside Theatre in Northern Virginia. As an actor these days it is a rare luxury to be able to say that. Work can be fleeting, and gigs can be few and far between.

Thanks to friend and artistic director, Warner Crocker, I have been able to make most of my living doing what I wish to do. I am incredibly grateful for that and never take it for granted.

The theater has been going through some challenging times. We are renovating our existing space in Middletown, VA, and in the meantime had set up an impressive theater in Front Royal, VA. The hope was that we could keep both spaces going. But the funding and the support was just not there. After tonight’s performance of Driving Miss Daisy, we have to strike the whole theater.

This is hard news for everyone that put in the time and effort to turn an empty room into that beautiful performance space. Reading Warner’s blog today, I can tell that he is taking it particularly hard…

What’s sad, troubling, and at times almost debilitating for me, is that while the physical is certainly important to the theatre going experience, and both spaces have their charms (they also each have more than their share of quirks and problems), what makes it theatre, what makes it breathe, what makes it live, are the artists. [Life On the Wicked Stage: Act 2]

Even though this is a tough time, he still has his eye toward the art. This is why I admire the guy and feel extraordinarily lucky to be part of his theater.

I will be there tomorrow morning to help move us back to Middletown. I’m sorry we couldn’t make Front Royal work, but I look forward to getting back to our new and improved home.


2 Responses to Wayside Leaving Front Royal

  1. Doug Saffell says:

    Very moving piece Larry. Wayside Theatre is indeed a very special place for all of us who have ever been lucky enough to be a part of it.

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