Bugs…you know…Hugging

Box Elder Bugs...huggingI don’t mean to get crass here, but the Box Elder Bugs are just going AT it on my window screen.

All sizes, all positions, two at time, three at a time, it’s just shameless.

I don’t have a working camera or I would document this orgiastic display, but the attached photo gives you an idea.

Perhaps Isabella Rossellini will pick this up for her Green Porno series (if you are at work, turn down your speakers).

All of this smart-aleckness to say, it is a lovely spring day today.

[photo: urtica]

One Response to Bugs…you know…Hugging

  1. Frugal Babe says:

    Those bugs crack me up. They’re all over the rocks in our garden, walking around while going at it. One walks backwards, the other walks forwards, and they seem to be quite adept at it 🙂

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