Alice Peacock – The Sound of Hershey’s Bliss

This is fun. Perhaps you have seen the new commercials for Hershy’s Bliss? The woman singing is someone I know.

Her name is Alice Peacock, and we went to college together. We were both in theater and if I recall correctly we had one German class together (she referred to me as “Herr DAHL-kuh”). After college she established herself as a wonderful singer/songwriter. She has toured all over the country as well as appearing on such shows as “Prairie Home Companion” and “Mountain Stage”.

Her song Bliss originally appeared on her Self Titled 2nd Album. Nice that Hershey’s picked it up. Perhaps her next album should have a song called “Geico”!

She’s a very talented person and it’s great to see her doing so well.

HERSHEY’S BLISS – Bliss Is Everywhere, You Just Have to Unwrap It.™

[album cover image:]

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