“Glory Days” Post Mortem in the New York Times

Signature Theatre’s recent, and oh so brief, foray into Broadway is explored in a recent New York Times article. When “Glory Days” closed after one day, the article describes the morning after for one of its young creators:

The next morning, a hung-over Mr. Blaemire checked his e-mail service, which he had set up to receive any news articles that mentioned him or the show. The headlines were all there—“PRICE OF ‘GLORY’: 1.5 HOURS LOST,” read the one in The New York Post — and that told him enough.

The creators, both in their early 20’s, took their hits and seem to have bounced back. A decent brave face.

My biggest question really was for the producers (who declined to be interviewed – imagine that). I understand the scary risk of bad reviews and poor advance sales, but shouldn’t you at least give it a week? Allow it to be considered for award season? Something?

If you had sunk 2 million into a show whose future looked rocky, what would you do?

[NY Times: Fleeting Stage Glory, Savored and Survived]


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