Being In The Band

We have begun rehearsals for Always Patsy Cline over at Wayside Theatre. I am performing in the band for this show on fiddle and rhythm guitar.

Musically, we are already a pretty tight combo. We were already freely jamming on the first day! Now that we’re starting to dig in to the music we’re really starting to feel each other’s style.

The cast is just two female actors. Sara Story playing Patsy and Thomasin Savaiano playing Patsy’s friend Louise. It’s early in the process, but they already seem to be inhabiting the characters nicely. They are both very grounded and are still having a lot of fun.

It has been quite fun to just sit back and play music while somebody else talks for awhile! And we are all looking forward to getting back into our Middletown space again.

Looking forward to these next few weeks!


One Response to Being In The Band

  1. RScott says:

    I hope you are doing more than just fiddling around. For example, isn’t it about time for an updated podcast? Please have everybody at Wayside drop everything they are doing to give you half an hour. I mean, they’re not REALLY busy, are they?

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