Where Are The Seats?

We are days away from opening Always Patsy Cline and our theater seats are still on the way. They were supposed to arrive on Monday. The workmen were there, but no seats. Standing room only!

The good news is that the Wayside staff had planned on this possibility so we still have a little wiggle room timewise. And apparently the electrical work is moving along really well. Still it makes the nerves quiver a little.

[Photo by imagemkr1]

One Response to Where Are The Seats?

  1. OldConnecticutYankee says:

    Always need something to keep us on our toes. Back around 1996 we were doing Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach). Company supplying our sets kept saying “they’re in the truck and on the way” (from northern Vermont). Dress rehearsal, still no sets.

    Trucks pull in about six hours before opening night curtain. We are not happy campers. Crew runs madly around unloading. Discovers the gondola for the barcarolle won’t fit through the backstage doors. No gondola.

    Belle nuit, o nuit d’amour. O nuit sans bateau!

    The gods just don’t want us to get bored. What time’s the next swan?


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