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Sara Story as Patsy Cline

Sara Story as Patsy Cline

Haven’t had much to say on the blog lately. I’m playing fiddle and guitar in the band for the Patsy Cline show at Wayside Theatre. The reviews have been pretty good and it has been selling very well. Great news for Wayside, which is still feeling the crunch from the renovation.

It has been a gratifying challenge to be in the band. Patsy’s songs, which seem fairly simple and straightforward, are actually very difficult to play well. There is a musical precision necessary to create an uncluttered backdrop for Patsy’s vocals (I guess that means I should back off of the death-metal distortion pedal, eh?)

There’s nothing better than when we are all in the same groove, though. It’s easy and it flows and for a few brief, shining moments we can lean back and quietly be rock stars. Everyone should feel like that at least once in their lives.

[photo by Westervelt – from Warner Crocker’s flickrstream]

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