Obama says Palin’s family off-limits – CNN.com

In my opinion, this is how one should behave in a campaign.

“Let me be as clear as possible,” Obama said. “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president.”

Obama says Palin’s family off-limits – CNN.com


15 Responses to Obama says Palin’s family off-limits – CNN.com

  1. joseph says:

    Well, now i have been watching alot of both McCain and Obama and am trying to figure out which one to vote for. But i think after the comments Obama made about her was a hit wright on the money. Thank You Obama for for keeping the familys out of it. You just went up a notch here.

  2. Blaine says:

    Obama might have gone up a notch for his comment, but CNN went down to the bottom rung. Shame on Wolf Blitzer and his situation room commentators for continuing to make Mrs. Palin’s daughter a headline story of the Republican convention. Only Mr. Bennett had the civility to call his fellow commentators down for this unacceptable journalism.

  3. Dan Garcia says:

    I’m not surprised that Obama is more and more comfortable speaking in a presidential way; firmly and with wisdom. I’m surprised either by way the media is continuously giving him the platform to speck and act presidentially. The way he is responding to situations like the Governor’s daughter again confirms the clarity of mind and judgment so many people do not credit him for.

  4. Franci says:

    Thank you Barack for taking the high road. If this was a matter of religious preference, etc…I am sure they would be smearing you. All I can say is that this gives more credence to your stance of the importance of reducing teenage pregnancies..whether it be by sex education, advocating for protection, or abortion.

  5. Jerry says:

    Though I disagree with his politics this guy gets it. All of his advisors need to leave him alone and let him be himself. This is the way to handle it. Some republicans can take notes here.

  6. D Maguire says:

    I have to commend both candidates on this issue, regardless of which way my vote is cast. I was a single mom who literally had my baby shower on my 16th birthday. Life was hard but those with supportive families will get through it. I finished high school, have a college degree, owned my first home before I was 21yrs old, and have just proudly watched my oldest son graduate high school and enter into college. I think that those of us that are young parents actually have a leg up on our parents. Aside from the positive influences our parents instill in us, we’re much wiser to the peer pressure that teens are faced with. I proudly commend Gov. Palin for being a wonderful and supportive parent, Sen. McCain for looking past something that could bring his campaign controversy – he must truly believe in Palin’s abilities, and Sen Obama for his efforts to keep this political race out of the gutters – which isn’t always easy to do. This shows a lot about the character of each of the candidates and their VP’s – perhaps we might be in a situation where change for the better is an option on both sides?

  7. Kansas says:

    Can I just express my disgust with the media. I thought the hurricane etc. going on now would be enough to fill the news hole. Come on, and especially CNN, you are all better than that. Miss Palen is a private matter. Let it go and back off. I am confident that the CNN, AP etc., reporters have MUCH better things to do with their time. This story isn’t about politics it is about a young woman’s life and the future of her young family. Pull the plank out of your own eye, and please USA, be better than this.

  8. Dirk Cannon says:

    I praise Obama’s stance on this issues, but this shows the positive campaign he is running.
    Had this been on the otherside I would point out President Clinton and his impeachment proceedures involving a sex scandal. Why is this an issue and Palen off limits. (just playing the devils advocate).
    The Vice President and his gay daughter.

  9. Fernan says:

    I am an Obama supporter and I do agree that families should be left out, UNTIL YOU PARADE THEM ON STAGE WITH YOU AND USE THEM TO MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER, then they are fair game.

  10. Kevin says:

    It would be nice if CNN would focus on the real story of the day and leave this private matter private. There is a huge issue in Louisiana and we’re stuck watching these CNN reporters dig in their heels on the pregnant teen. Please stop and move on to issues that really matter to America.

  11. Dale Davis says:

    Kudos to Obama. Although I don’t think I will vote for him, because of his past voting record in the Illinois Senate, one must give credit where credit is due. He is showing a class act here.

  12. Redphilly says:

    Obama is being a gentleman. But WE the American public don’t have to handle her with kid gloves. In October I want Biden to show her no mercy just because she is a woman. She wants to help govern a country in which my children reside. And I am saying this woman is sneaky and underhanded. Just the type to get us into a war with Russia or Iran! Her daughter is holding the baby in front of her so we can’t see she is pregnant. She was hoping it would not get out to the public until after the baby was born, I suppose. God only knows what they would have done with it then. It’s not so much that her daughter is pregnant as she tried to cover it up. Palin has so much baggage with her she needs her own airplane just to carry it! McCain has shown, as Obama said the other night that he has extremely poor judgment. I don’t know if it is the medication he is taking for his PTSD or for his cancer but he is no leader.

  13. Reggie says:

    I strongly disagree. I am an Independent voter with a conservative viewpoint. I want to know as much as I can about Palin and her family so I can get a full understanding of what her family values. Talk is cheap.

    And, I certainly don’t need someone preaching to me about what is appropriate, that I merely may or may not be voting for. This is an election. In my quest to pick the best team; I will leave no stone unturned. These people could end up being the first family. And I might have to deal with whatever law she may pass. I will be vetting Palin myself and digging deep into the family closet. After 8 years of George Bush, all Americans would be crazy not too. SO NO, FAMILY IS NOT OFF LIMITS.

  14. Mlhall says:

    Sen. Obama is a true leader and no one can take that away from no matter how any one may try. Mr. Davis there is 18 Million more just like me who will gladly vote for him.

  15. RScott says:

    I hope Palin’s announcement might move the focus away from her daughter and to the broader discussion: the inadequacy of teaching Abstinence Only in schools, and the removal of Sex Education from the classroom, both of which Palin advocates. We need no greater proof that such policies produce nothing but unwed mothers.

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