7 years of 9/11

Seven years on and it still strikes me how horrible that day was.  Since the attacks in 2001, I’ve been keeping a mini-diary of each anniversary (except 2004 – missed that year).  This may be an overly efficient recollection, but I thought I would post it today.

I was watching Good Morning America when they broke in with the announcement that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.  It had happened quite a bit earlier, so it just looked like a small hole.  As I was watching, the 2nd plane slammed into the tower.  Like everybody, I just kept saying “Oh my God”.  It was instantly sobering.  Then the correspondent from the Pentagon came on and said “I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I think I heard an explosion.”

I had an audition downtown that day, so my roommate at the time, Paul K. and I bussed downtown with everybody seeming a little numb.  Of course my audition went terribly.  When I got out I was supposed to head to Sara Lee, but everybody was coming out of the loop.  I couldn’t get through on my cell phone.  I talked to a lady from “Time” who was getting people’s reactions.  I didn’t know that the towers had fallen until she told me.

Getting out of the loop was crowded, but not panicked.  When I got home everybody was there, and we just watched TV all day.  I called Ron and Lori to let them know I wasn’t downtown.  In case anything happened later.

Later in the afternoon after a constant stream of the sights and sounds, I took a much needed nap.  Later went to Moody’s Pub with Tom A. – plans we had made earlier.  Everybody seemed kind of quiet, but it was good to get out of the apartment.

Nobody wants to do anything or go anywhere today.  There was, however, a memorial service @ Daley Plaza.  It was quite amazing.

Ceremony in New York and that’s about it.  It’s on the news, of course, but the day went pretty much as normal.

Hurricane Katrina hit last week, and that’s the top headline.  There are still memorials, & talk of rebuilding.  Bush has used 9/11 as an excuse to push his conservative agenda, and allow gov. to intrude more than it ought to.  It reawakened America’s fear, & the administration is more than happy to allow that.

Hard to believe that it has been 5 years, but of course since this is a notable anniversary, there have been bigger memorials.  CNN ran uncut coverage on their new Pipeline Internet service.  Continually more politicized.  Still a little hard to watch the footage.

More like an ordinary day.  Saw MSNBC ran 2 hours of nearly uncut coverage from the day.  Even still it is hard to watch.  The country music station did a moment of silence and a 15 minute musical tribute.  Bush made no speech.


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  1. Tom M. says:

    It was around 9am; I was at the office (von der Mehden Recital Hall, UConn). The dean’s secretary called everyone to come up to the dean’s suite, as there was “something awful” on TV up there.

    When I first saw the live picture of the smoking tower, I kept thinking … back during WW2 a bomber had accidentally flown into the Empire State Building during a heavy fog. A few deaths and some fire, but not a huge tragedy. Surely it was something similar this time.

    It wasn’t.

    We seemed to spend the rest of the day alternating realities. What was “next”? The Great Leader looked up from My Pet Goat … then returned to reading to the children. He reads well to children.

    I got a call from ARC asking if I was available for emergency work. Next morning I joined several dozen other Red Cross volunteers in downtown Hartford, and we rode chartered busses to NYC, where we spent several days at the Javits Center, doing IT “patch” jobs. One morning someone dropped a telephone book on the floor; the “bang” made everyone in the room jump and look around in fear.

    The world had changed. For a few months, nearly every country in the world considered itself part “American”.

    That has changed too.


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