Unnecessary Farce Open

Unnecessary Farce at Wayside Theatre

Unnecessary Farce at Wayside Theatre

We had an amazing opening for Unnecessary Farce at Wayside Theatre last Sunday.

I had high hopes for this show from the moment I read the script.  Even on paper this show is funny.  I was a little embarassed to be reading this by myself and still laughing out loud.

Even so, it is always hard to tell if audiences will agree.  Sometimes the shows that we think will be barnburners turn out to fall flat.

Not this one.

Opening day was downright raucous.  The laughter was loud and long.  At the end, they literally leapt to their feet.

Warner Crocker, our Director and Artistic Director also had very strong feelings about the opening.

I’m still in awe. I’ve been producing, writing, and directing shows for over 30 years now and last night’s opening night performance of Paul Slade Smith’s Unnecessary Farce was one of the most magical and memorable opening nights I will ever remember at Wayside Theatre or anywhere else for that matter. [via]

There is something special about this show and this marvelous cast.  There is silliness abounding, but every character is grounded in a certain degree of reality and is quite human.  You really enjoy following all of these people around in this crazy little world.

You wouldn’t mind sitting down to a beer with any of these people as they say, “You wouldn’t believe the day I had!”


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