A Bit of Company

I am enjoying some wonderful company this week and haven’t been able to blog for awhile.  I’ll be back next week, when rehearsals begin for The Mousetrap.

Quick note to say that Unnecessary Farce has been going wonderfully.  I love this show.  Love the cast.  Farce is hard, but it is definitely my thing.  I can already tell that I don’t want this show to end.


One Response to A Bit of Company

  1. Pat & Juanita says:

    Hi Larry,

    We were just been visited with your brother and sister and your name came up in vain so we just thought we would say “Hi”. We went out for dinner this evening with Lori and Kelly and then they came over to visit for a while. Ron came a little later and he is the one who got us into this!!

    Hope all is going well with you. Ron said we should not say anything bad about him now that he is still here, so we will keep it positive.

    Take care and work hard – sounds like a “MoM” huh Love, Pat, Juanita & Ron.

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