The Mousetrap is Open…

Leah Raulerson, David Maga, Larry Dahlke in
The Mousetrap
Photo by Westervelt uploaded by WTC2006

…and that is not good news for the mouse.

Great news for us, though. We had a very solid Sunday night opening of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap.

Our Preview audiences taught us a great deal about this show. They are watching us very closely for clues, so our actions have to be specific and precise. It is a challenging exercise.

My role is that of an Italian stranger that arrives unexpectedly at an English guest house. He is a bit of comic relief, and I have to work to make sure he doesn’t become a cartoon. It would be easy to go there.

This is a play that didn’t read particularly well, but it really jumps to life on stage. It may be a whodunnit, but the characters and their relationships are what really make this play sing.


One Response to The Mousetrap is Open…

  1. RScott says:

    You? Playing an Italian? Who’d have thunk it?

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