The Art of Shaving

For our most recent show at Wayside, I had to grow a moustache.

I am not a moustache guy.  It looks wrong on my face no matter what I do.  Put it this way, if I saw me in a moustache coming toward me, I would cross to the other side of the street.

To give it a fighting chance, I went to my barber to get it started.  There is nothing like getting an old-school barber shop shave – hot towel, hot lather, straight edge razor, bracing after-shave.  Something about the heat, the nagging fear of a large blade near your face and the stinging after-pain is just wonderful!

I decided to keep the old-school shaving thing going.  I bought a shaving brush, mug soap and some Classic Old Spice aftershave.

Oh, it’s nice.

The soap is so much easier on the face than the lather.  That and the Old Spice leave your face feeling nice and tight.

The next step will be to change the razor.  Those cartridge systems with 9 or so blades in them are pretty rough.  I may switch to the old safety razor.

I’ll keep a medical team close by.

[photo by Umpqua]


2 Responses to The Art of Shaving

  1. RScott says:

    You’re asking for trouble. Didn’t you see Shear Madness? Actually, I applaud your attempt to return to a kinder, gentler past.

    …but please god, no Old Spice.

  2. Malia says:

    Man, just images in my head of getting a call starting with “So, funny story. I was shaving…”

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