Observations of Friends

Some of my blogger friends had some media observations worth noting today.

From my blogfather, Warner Crocker…Michelle Bachman Spins Herself Into The Ground

Last night I sat in stunned silence watching Chris Matthews interview US Rep (R) Michelle Bachman on Hardball. I’m not sure if I’m glad I saw it or not. Ms. Bachman, trying in vain to pin the Anti-American label on Barack Obama got caught up in Mathews’ shtick, and he pressed her on the whole anti-American thing.  Bachman’s performance proves why Sarah Palin is smarter than some want to believe, and just how dangerous Palin could be. When I think that some folks watching her actually follow Bachman’s thinking it not only sickens me, it scares the heck out of me.

I saw this sad little exchange (Warner posts it on his blog entry if you haven’t seen it).  Why do we even listen to politicians, or that matter pundits?  Their paychecks come from pushing forth an ideology not expressing truth.

I think we would get better information if talk programs were taped in bars.

My friend Steve passed this along this morning…Through the Cracks

Lead article on news.bbc.co.uk:  Iraqis stage mass anti-US rally

Lead article on cnn.com at the same point in time:  Rescued climber survived on centipedes

That truly was the case.  CNN did mention the protest on the air that morning, and it was the lead story on the CNN International edition.  However, the CNN article just mentioned “thousands of people”.  The BBC article mentions that it was fifty-thousand people.  Both are true, but the exact number is a bit more damning.

The good news?  Apparently when all of Ms. Bachman’s un-American Congressman destroy this country by losing the war in the country that doesn’t want us…we’ll be able to survive by eating centipedes.



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  1. Hannah Stevens says:

    Can you imagine McCain as president negotiating with the Iraqi president and things aren’t going McCain’s way and so he starts getting agitated, his eyes start twitching and then swears at him and pounds his fist on the table, “You will do it my way”.

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