Monster Organ Recital

Dr. James Laster

Dr. James Laster

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending “A Monster Organ Concert”.

No, there wasn’t anyone yelling “sunday Sunday SUNDAY” but it still was a wonderful presentation.  What made it “Monster” was the fact that there were three organs.  One pipe organ and two electric organs.  The electrics were not of the Casio variety (Samba anyone?), but full-console 3-rank instruments that actually sounded wonderful.

Apparently it is the Year of the Organ.  This concert was part of an International Organ Celebration

I was there because my good friend and fellow actor, Dr. James Laster, was commissioned to compose a piece for this event that featured three organs (there are so many dirty jokes that could be made here, but if you know Dr. Laster you realize that he has already made them).

His piece was really quite outstanding.  It showed off each performer and used each instrument to its fullest.  I was especially impressed with a section that used only the pedals.  It was like Stomp, only tuneful.

The entire program was impressive and it was an exceptional way to spend a Sunday night.

Northern Virginia Daily article

[photo: Dennis Grundman, NVD]

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  1. I just guess that your blog are about organ that take from moster, but your organ is a music instruments. Good blog Mr. James

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