The Mouse that Rumbles

Leah Raulerson (screaming) and Faith Potts (supine) in The Mousetrap.

Leah Raulerson (screaming) and Faith Potts (supine) in The Mousetrap.

Yesterday’s audience for The Mousetrap was particularly vocal.  In a good way vocal.

One of the joys of doing live theater is the instant gratification of hearing audience reaction.  We’ve noticed different categories of audience reaction during this show.  Some audiences take in the humor of the show making for a fairly giggly crowd.  Some audiences are watching and listening intently, looking for every nuance and clue to solve the crime.

Yesterday’s audience was the happy medium between the two.  They were fairly vocal for the funny parts, but for the mystery portion we got that wonderful audience rumble.  Sort of a prolonged but hushed reaction to the significant clues.  Like they discovered something they weren’t supposed to see.

It was fun to hear them watch.

[photo: Westervelt]

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