There Was An Election Recently

Like much of the world, I got emotional about Barack Obama’s victory last night.

His speeches were eloquent and moving.  Symphonies in words.  But that’s not what moved me.

He is a black man, and the historical significance of his becoming President is obvious.  That’s not what moved me either.

What moved me is that, simply, he is a good man.  Not a good Democrat or a good black man.

A. Good. Man.

From all accounts, he has lived by the same moral code all of his life.  His campaign reflected that.  I felt that instead of trying to ignore the criticism that was being slung at him he addressed it.  He worked through it.  He moved past it.

After these past 2 elections, I didn’t think anybody worth being President wanted the job.  I hate to go all catchphrase, but I lost hope.

Barack has a lot to learn and a lot to do, but he ran a brilliant and inclusive campaign.

I am proud to now call him President Obama.


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