Mousetrap is Closed

After a two-show Saturday, we have closed The Mousetrap.

We ended on a high note.  Our performances felt solid, and we had two very good size audiences, especially for the evening performance.  That audience rivaled the opening night crowd in both size and energy.

But we haven’t always had that luxury.

The fall mystery is usually a good draw for Wayside, but The Mousetrap saw quite a few empty seats.  We did see a few tepid reviews, mostly critical of Agatha Christie’s script (I think that won’t worry her too much at this point), but most were quite positive.  The audience reaction was very enthusiastic, so word of mouth should have been good.

Were people staying home because the economy is a scarier story than anything we could have staged?

I have high hopes for The Christmas Carol.  I think people are ready for a story about redemption and rebirth.

So on we go.


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