Music Monday 1 – Air Piano

Since music has always been such a major part of my life, I want to start writing more about it here.  So at least for the time being I’m going to make Monday a music day on the blog.

Specifically, odd music.  Would you expect anything less?

Ever since I started playing the theremin last year, people have made me aware of an entire subgenre of unusual musical instruments.

Here’s one that caught my eye several months ago from ThereminWorld…The Air Piano.


This is more of a sound triggering device than an instrument, but it’s still quite impressive.  Infrared sensors pick up your hand position in 24 zones (8 sensors on the keyboard, 3 hand distances for each sensor).  Using the software, you program a sound event for each zone.

The instrument’s creator, Omer Yosha, has a few videos posted on You Tube.  The first video shows how a DJ might use it, but I’m a little more intrigued by the melodic demonstration.  It almost has a handbell feel to it.



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