Really Big Show

On Sunday we had our first really big rehearsal for A Christmas Carol.  Eight hours that started with our final music review session and ended with our first read-through of the script and score.

The cast is huge – 18 actors and every role is double-cast.  The room is just packed with people, young and old.  Warner and Malia, director and stage manager, have been very straightforward about the focus that is required of all of us.  We just don’t have time to say “Quiet everyone!” every 10 minutes.  The rules have been established and so far we have been a very disciplined group.

In that discipline emerges the time and freedom to have fun with the songs and the text.  This telling is going to require an amazing amount of imagination.  If we are not actively involved in a scene, we will probably be a piece of furniture or part of the background.  This should prove to be a remarkably playful and theatrical telling of the story.


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