Exceptional Squirrel

Quick note about a squirrel I’m watching out the window by my desk.

The squirrels of course are in gathering mode right now, so they’re busy.  They all seem pretty much the same..except for one of them.

This one is a particularly good jumper.

I mean noticeably better than the others.  There’s a real style to the jump.  It starts from complete stillness, is suddenly quite aggressively airborne and then lands on the destination with another dead stop.

That’s pretty much the way they move, I know that, but for some reason this one seems to have a great deal of style and seems to be making a show of it.  There’s a beauty to the motion that the other squirrels don’t have.

Do you think this squirrel may be considered exceptional by its peers?

Or perhaps do you think that maybe I need to get out more?


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