Music Monday 2 – Tenori-On

Mondays are for music on this blog, and this week I want to show you something that was brought to my attention recently (thank you Tom).  It is the Tenori-On from Yamaha.


It would be more accurate to call it an interface rather than an instrument.  Possibly even more accurate to call it a toy, but I know many would disagree with me on this.

The buttons in the grid control a series of pitch and rhythm events that you define.  Most of what I have heard sounds just like repetitive electronica, and the blinky lite-brite interface makes it a little hard for me to take it seriously.

But, like most anything, put it in some creative hands and the results can be a little more robust.

UPDATE: This post was a bit knee-jerk and since I have never actually held one in hand I really shouldn’t judge too harshly (as a commenter named “Billy” reminded me – thanks for keeping me honest).  Has anyone used this?  If so, what do you think?

[CNN article]

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