Christmas Carol – A Little Winter Magic

icons47_xmasWe had more than a few glimmers of magic at yesterday’s rehearsal for A Christmas Carol.

A bit of human mechanical magic in a scene change from the Cratchit house to a party scene.  The dining room gradually disappears as the actors remove individual set pieces and one scene dissolves seamlessly into another.  The effect is this wonderfully ordered flurry of activity.

A bit of dancing magic as we worked the choreography into the Fezziwig scene (not being a dancer, I am more than happy to be fiddling in back).  We have dancers of all ages and skill levels, so teaching choreography is also about teaching basic movement.  The routines were designed with that in mind.  The moves themselves are fairly simple, so the focus can be on technique, style and poise.  That paid off today.  I was especially touched by the waltz number, “Under the Mistletoe”, sung by a quartet of ladies while the cast dances behind.  It was like a giant hug.

Finally, a little winter magic. During a break we went outside to find…snow!  The biggest snowflakes I can remember.  I can be a curmudgeon about winter, but it was possibly the most beautiful snowshower I had ever seen.  We all gathered outside the theater and took it in together like we had never seen snow before.  Everyone was smiling.

Such a small thing, but I’ll probably always remember that moment.


One Response to Christmas Carol – A Little Winter Magic

  1. RScott says:

    Reminds me of the final scene of “White Christmas,” when, in the midst of the Big Show, snow begins to fall, and the back wall flies up to reveal the beauty of the season. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing, which makes me think that I may have to shlep out there to see your show…

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