Christmas Carol – Bringing the Spooky

Christmas Carol rehearsals continue, and a few days ago we worked on the Jacob Marley scene.  Marley’s ghost visits Scrooge to warn him of the haunting to come.  You know the drill.

Our director, Warner Crocker, was talking to me about this scene.  He was puzzling over how to bring the spooky.  In the original story, Marley’s ghost is sort of glassy-eyed and disconnected.  Apparently, wandering in the spirit world while bound in chains can make a person kind of cranky.  Who knew?

I’m glad we’re not going for glassy-eyed Marley, because that wouldn’t be very engaging.  The problem then becomes – how do you bring the spooky?

What we decided to try was to use the entire acting company to randomly echo Marley’s dialogue.  With the addition of some chains and some scary Steve music it could make for a nice little soundscape.

Thankfully, the cast is flexible and quite open to experimentation.  I can’t wait to see what evolves.


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