JFK Shot 45 Years Ago Today


An auspicious anniversary today.  Some of us weren’t around yet when Kennedy was assassinated, but most of us have experienced the change we feel when something so terrible has happened.  There is the world before, and the world after, and they are not the same place.

I saw something on the Classic Television Showbiz blog that I hadn’t seen before and wanted to share with you.  It is a full half-hour of CBS programming, starting with the opening of “As the World Turns”.  At the ten-minute mark we get the now familiar first bulletin from Walter Cronkite.

What interested me was hearing the rest of the news unfold.  It gave me a sense of how shocking it must have been to hear that news for the first time.


2 Responses to JFK Shot 45 Years Ago Today

  1. afrankangle says:

    Thanks … and I look forward to see the video. I lived it, news upfolded much slower in those days.

  2. Tom M. says:

    As a high school sophomore in Fort Worth TX, I had gone downtown with some friends (Young Republicans!) the morning of the 22nd. We heard JFK speak after his breakfast at the Texas Hotel – just before he was to leave for Dallas. After the speech, we went back to our schools.

    At about 12:30 that afternoon, during Ms Wilkerson’s World History class, our Latin teacher raced down the hallway yelling “Dallas should be kicked out of Texas, or Texas will have to secede from the Union”. We all thought she was nuts, but just then the principal came on the PA system, and said “I think you should all hear this”. He then patched in the CBS radio coverage of the horror taking place just 30 miles east of us.

    At the same time, my mother was visiting a friend in the hospital, and some idiot in the hall yelled “they shot the president; three cheers for Dallas!” My mother immediately jumped up and screamed “don’t you realize that man was a father, and now his wife and children are alone?”

    For the next three days, we were all alone.

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