Christmas Carol – Opening Night

Yesterday we had our first preview audiences for A Christmas Carol.

Putting a show in front of people is an education to say the least.  We learn in a very visceral way if we have done what we set out to do.

The audience reaction was very good, but somewhat gradual.  At first, it seemed as though we weren’t getting much of a response, but they warmed as time went on.  After we sang the final note, the reaction was immediate and enthusiastic.

We think that the audience needs a little time to get used to our way of telling the story.  This production keeps its theatricality right on the surface.  The actors are building the story in plain sight.  We are the narrators, the furniture, the special effects.    Once the audience learns the rhythm, they find a fairly straightforward telling of the story.

I’m very proud of this production.  Warner’s marvelous adaptation is very resonant with an attitude slowly entering the world right now – despair reaching for hope.  Steve’s music is pitch perfect with the scenes that it supports.  The cast is unbelievably talented.

Tonight we open and I can’t wait to start.


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