A Christmas Carol – Open


Sunday was opening night for A Christmas Carol.

Writing about opening nights has always been a challenge for me.  They just seem like a blur.  Most of my energy is focused on not being nervous and presenting what we spent the last few weeks creating.  I usually wake up the next day saying, “Hey, that really happened!”

I can tell you this.  We rocked a little.

I noticed a very uniform energy backstage.  We all were very excited to get in front of that audience, but underneath that energy buzz was a quiet focus.  There was a real sense that we had to be on top of our game to get this story told.

And I believe we hit it beautifully.  Our performance felt clear, focused and joyous.  Based on audience reaction, I think we really connected with them.

I really, really like this production.  It has a simple technical elegance to it that allows Dickens’ story to take center stage.  It feels grounded, relevant and fresh.  We see the characters face real challenges in their lives and find the joy that remains.  A good lesson for all of us.

Opening night ended with Warner’s post-show toast, a Wayside tradition.  It is the time when we get to unite as a family and celebrate our accomplishment.  It felt well earned.

Today?  A day off.  And I’m going to get a burger.

[photo by Westervelt]

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