A Christmas Carol – Matinees For The Younguns


Today we begin our regular run of A Christmas Carol with a morning matinee for a school group.

Performing for young audiences is eye-opening.  There is no doubt as to whether or not you are connecting with them.  If you are not, they will let you know.  Quickly.

Another thing to remember when performing a regular show for young audiences?  Don’t change anything.  At other theaters, I’ve watched actors change a perfectly good performance because they thought the subject matter was too adult for young audiences.  Younger people usually know when they are being talked down to, and they’ll turn you off like a light.

I trust them to stay with us.  Of course I also trust some of them to yell “OOOOOOO” whenever the lights go out.

You win some, you lose some.

[photo by Westervelt]

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