Ink Blot Award

inkblot1My friend, boss and blogfather Warner Crocker recently announced his Life on the Wicked Stage Inkblot Awards.  This is his fourth annual celebration of all things web.

This year, I made the list!

  • Best Theremin Playing Blogger on the Internet (and also a good dancer): Larry Dahlke

Funny!  Thanks for the nod, Warner.  Any other dancing, theremin playing bloggers want to challenge that assertion?  Bring it on.

A few other noteworthy entries:

  • The Jim Henson Comedy is Not Pretty and Puppets Don’t Have To Be Either Award: Loren Feldman
  • The I Got a Better Job Now I Can’t Be Fake Steve Anymore Award: Dan Lyons
  • Best I’m Glad This Guy Is Blogging Award: Roger Ebert
  • Best Liars in the Business: AT&T
  • Funniest Political Blogger I Read: Michael Markman
  • The Just Plain Wrong Award: Hello Kitty Rifle

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