Music Monday 6 – Wii Theremin

Despite the theremin’s margin status, people are still exploring the concept of music from the air.  As long as these stories raise my eyebrows, I’ll put them here.

My friend Steve alerted me to this – a fellow named Ken Moore made a theremin out of a Wii Remote and a pair of LED rigged gloves.  This is really marvelous.

I would think that even theremin purists would have to appreciate what he has done.  The no-touch performance principle is firmly in place with one very important advantage.  This is fully optical.

A traditional theremin depends on electromagnetic interference to determine pitch.  Your hand’s distance from the antenna creates that interference, BUT so does everything else around the theremin.  Trying to get consistent results in different environments can be very difficult (though some might argue that’s part of the art).

The Wii Remote is essentially a camera that is only looking for LEDs.  It can pick out only these points of light and therefore be completely consistent.

Whichever, it made me smile.  Anything that can make music and simulate bowling is okay by me!


2 Responses to Music Monday 6 – Wii Theremin

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  2. One in particular says:

    Bowling, Larry… really?… You are…fond of the art… of… bowling, yes? Mm.

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