Blagojevich – A Correction


A few posts ago I mentioned a friend of mine who had worked for Rod Blagojevich’s 2002 campaign and how impressed that person was with Blagojevich at the time.

Apparently, my memory was incorrect.

In very good humor and fine form, my friend e-mailed me to set the record straight.  To respect this person’s privacy, some {specific details} have been altered:

You’re a good man and I admire your willingness to grow facial hair for your art, but I must correct you on your blog.

{Another person} was the candidate I was all idealistic about. Working for the Rod was a career thing. At the time I found his eccentricities a bit disturbing, but had no idea the heights of corruption he was capable of.

I quickly pivoted into {another job} and haven’t seen the Gov in three years. My idealism was actually crushed a number of years ago. Now I’m simply impressed at my former boss’ proficiency in Mamet style dialogue.

I am sorry for getting the facts wrong.  Memory is a strange and changeable thing (for more information see Bush:Legacy).

As for my friend’s letter, it makes me sad to see another pocket of idealism crushed, but happy to see a sense of humor intact.  Mamet style dialogue?  {Bleepin’} hilarious!

[photo: soundfromwayout]

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