Here Come The Resolutions

I have just returned from a big chunk of travel over the holiday season.  Getting out of the routine and reconnecting with family and friends really woke me up.

Quite a few of the people that I know have talked about reexamining their priorities this year.  Of course part of it is probably the usual fresh-start new-year thing, but there seems to be a common thread this year.

The priorities that most people seem to be leaning towards are people and passion (not to be confused with Music and Passion – yes, sister, I’m talking to you).  As the world has gotten bigger and scarier, our priorities may have gotten smaller and more personal.

Reconnecting with the people that we love, and reexamining our own passions.

Here come the resolutions.

  • I resolve to get off my tuchus and make time for the people that I care about.  I will never be a social butterfly, but even taking just a little more time would be an improvement.
  • I resolve to focus my actions towards the things about which I am passionate.  Not just the things I like but the things that actually make my heart race a little.
  • I resolve to use the word “tuchus”.

One down.  Two to go.


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