Goodbye Old Tech


My laptop’s dotage was made clear to me on the Microsoft website today.  For the past few years I have downloaded a spreadsheet calendar from the site, but it appears that Microsoft no longer builds templates for Excel 2002.

Okay yes, I have Excel 2002. That’s the year I bought my laptop.  A Sony Vaio.  It still works quite well even with the online heavy lifting it is asked to do.

The biggest problem?  It has a 14GB hard drive.  Geez, my sister just gave me a USB drive that has 16GB.  That means a cat could swallow more memory than my computer has.

Seven years isn’t really that old, is it?  If my computer were a human it would only be in the Second Grade.

I reluctantly concede that I may need a new Data Computing Machine.

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One Response to Goodbye Old Tech

  1. Leigh Barrett says:

    I’ve gotten a couple of things from here. Good prices. No idea how they compare with the deals you can get out thar in the mountains, but worth a look-see.

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