Inauguration Day

1/20/2009 - End of an Error

Today is an Important Day

In my life, I have never seen an Inauguration Day that looks like this.  In numbers and in attitude it is larger than life.

This massive display of enthusiasm is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.  It is welcome.  It is necessary.

Also in my life I have never made it a point to watch an Inauguration.  I will be watching today to take part in the collective sigh of relief .

See Ya’

These last eight years have been tragic.  During a time when unity on the planet was so crucial, when terrorists succeeded in splintering this planet, we needed an administration to unite the rest of the world.  Our administration deliberately splintered it further and isolated us in the process.  Our leadership has thrown away life, treasure and reason with an arrogance that steals the breath.

To go from that to Barack Obama is historical whiplash.  Here is an exceedingly competent man who uses intelligence and confidence to inspire and lead rather than dictate.  He speaks in complete sentences.  He listens.

Some Courage

Some have already become pessimistic about the enthusiasm.  That’s an easy path to take because any disappointment will allow them to say “Told you!”

Maybe it’s time that we had the courage to aim a little higher than that.

So today we start a new era.  In a way, I’ll be glad when the indian-summer of our enthusiasm is over and we can get to the long winter of our work.  We still are in hard times, and I’m anxious to see how President Obama will handle the expectations.

But today we celebrate.

Even if you didn’t vote for Obama, celebrate an orderly transfer of power.  It is a display of respect and maturity that makes us lucky to be Americans.

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2 Responses to Inauguration Day

  1. Tom M says:

    Amen to all you say – thank you Larry!

    After the most dismal presidential administration I’ve seen in my 60 years (!), today I have more hope for improvement than I’ve ever felt.

    Driving to work today I saw a sign in someone’s front yard. “Mr. Obama – is it all fixed yet?”

    Nope – not yet. But things might move more toward “fixed” if we’d all contribute toward feeding each other, instead of grabbing the food just to feed ourselves.

    Yes – we can.

  2. Thomasin says:

    Excellent words and excellent summation of this historical moment. As to those who persist on engaging in the snide message “is it fixd yet?”, I can only say that perhaps they should open their ears and listen. This President has not called himself God, he has not said it will all be fixed at once – in fact he has made it a point that he is a “human who will make mistakes”, he has also made it a point over and over to say it will NOT be fast and it will take all of us – not just him – to accomplish it. Even on the night of his historical acceptance speech in grant park, he was already sober – he chose not to celebrate wildly, but rather took on a mantle of sobriety and realism about the situation we are in and his
    large responsibility in the process of addressing it.
    Despite the folks with such mislead signs on their lawn – the truth is simple and thus: the vast amount of people in this country who find hope and are excited about this new President do not feel so because he is God and can magically make it all go away – they feel so because they recognize that he is an exceptional human being. It is the exceptional essence of character and compromise within this man that will give us our best shot at saving ourselves.
    Enough said – thank for writing Larry.

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