Southern Crossroads – Full Script

Our next show at Wayside, Southern Cross Roads, is coming together before our eyes.  Yesterday we received the full script that holds our collection of songs together.

The story is set in 1932, and focuses on a family of musicians that show up for a gig at a theater only to find it padlocked.  They have nowhere to stay, no money for the train home, so they decide to put on an impromptu concert outside of the theater.

I’m hoping that the story will resonate with today’s audiences.  It’s a new show, so the best we can do is throw it out there and hope it lands.

Doing an original show certainly keeps the costs down and allows us to keep our doors open.  This is especially relevant today, as we learned that Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke suddenly and unexpectedly announced they were closing.  They will try to finish out Driving Miss Daisy and that’s it.

Maybe we should put on a concert outside their theater.


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