Southern Crossroads – Going Into Tech Week

Today we begin our last week of rehearsals for Southern Cross Roads before it opens this Saturday.

I am hired as a musician for this show, so it’s no lines and all music for me.  Still, I am a character in this play and have to create this character through behavior only.  My actions have to be clear and economical.  It’s an interesting challenge.

The other big challenge of this show for me is simply trying to remember the order of the songs.  Without lines and without being an active part of the story it’s a little hard to get a grip on what comes next.

Monday was a day off, so I had the chance to do my homework.  Hopefully today’s rehearsal will be less of a perpetual surprise party for me.

Speaking of surprises, our rehearsal time is moved up today because of the snow.  I’ll have to hitch up the dog team a little earlier than I expected.


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