Southern Crossroads – Opening Today

Today we preview and open Southern Cross Roads at Wayside Theatre.  Normally we would preview today and open tomorrow, but we never do a show on Super Bowl Sunday.  Go figure.

We had an invited dress yesterday and felt very good about the response we received.  Our audience seemed to go along with the characters and enjoyed the musical variety we offered them.

We had an unexpected hurdle; one of our actors was battling the flu.  He still did the show, but didn’t sing his songs.  Steve, our music director and show co-creator, covered for him.  It came off surprisingly smoothly.

Since the show is brand new and untested, we had no idea how it would play.  Yesterday’s little crowd helped our confidence.  It really felt like a show.

So here we go.


2 Responses to Southern Crossroads – Opening Today

  1. Jay says:

    i thought the show was AWESOME!!!

    i fell in love with it immediately… its funny and sad and has great music ( i love that you have maple leaf in it)….

  2. Jay says:

    o and i like the two guys in the back that didnt talk! that was priceless

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