Southern Crossroads – Open

Last night we had a tremendous opening for Southern Crossroads at Wayside Theatre.

The show really made a connection with the audience.  They seemed to be drawn in to  the story and the characters almost immediately.  The audience was ready for a good time.  They rooted for the family, they boo’d the villains (actually hissed at one point) and joined in the music.

For a story set in the Great Depression there is quite a bit of fun to be had and I think that is the point of the show.  Times are hard, but life goes on.  Find joy wherever you can.  Remember what is important.

When the opening ended, I think we all had a communal exhausted collapse.  In two weeks we created a show from nothing and it worked.  After the show we were hosted by the marvelous Rob Mangus at The Civil Cricket for some very well-earned beer.

I’m very proud of our accomplishment.  Amazing work from Warner and Steve who wrote the show, from this talented band of actors and musicians, and from the tech staff who created a beautiful show with a budget of $1.80 (before taxes).

Opening any show is an accomplishment, but since this one was born out of economic necessity it felt especially gratifying.

Today, we rest.  As Steve put it, “I’m going to sit on the sofa, watch the Super Bowl and twitch”.

UPDATE: Warner Crocker  just posted his thoughts about opening night.


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