Yesterday was the Equity general audition in DC.

Our local liaison committee deserves great credit for organizing these auditions.  It is a terrific service to the acting community and it is very smoothly run.  Everything surrounding the audition is stress-free for us.

This, of course, changes once you get in front of all those eyes.

There are so many things that go through your mind when you’re facing those people.  Our job is to cut through the noise in our brains and try to tell them our best story.  If we can do those things, we have a shot at a role.  Maybe.

As for my audition yesterday, I’m happy with some parts of it and would have liked to improve on other parts – kind of my usual reaction.  Would have been happier with a grand slam, but am grateful not to have tripped on my cleats.


2 Responses to Auditioned

  1. Leigh Barrett says:

    Well, see, there’s part of your nerves right there… Doesn’t Shurtleff say *not* to wear cleats to auditions?

    Glad it went well and from what I know about you, I’m sure it went even better than you’d lead us to believe!

  2. One in particular says:

    Leigh is right. Stop wearing cleats to your audtions… crampons let you DIG-IN and give you SO much more GRIP!!! :)~

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