Ghost Cat and Crazy Bird

For the past week, I have heard this yowling cat coming from…somewhere.  I listen very closely, but I can’t tell where it’s coming from.  Whenever I go outside to look for it, even if I proceed quietly, there is no hint of a cat anywhere.  No prints in the snow.  Silence.

I have looked in the basement, which is no small feat because I have a Scary Basement, but no cat.

Far less mysterious is the bird that is trying to get into the cabin through the closed kitchen window.  I’m not talking accidentally flying into a window once, I’m talking about a constant struggle to peck its way in.  Over and over and over.


Color enhanced a little so you can see it.

This year it’s a cardinal.  Last year it was a robin.  The year before a cardinal again.  Are they taking shifts?  Can birds have OCD?  What is going through their minds?

Hey, what’s that?  <smack> Hey, what’s that?  <smack> Hey, what’s that?  <smack>

I wonder if GhostCat will ever catch CrazyBird.  Perhaps only then will peace be restored.

UPDATE – I found GhostCat.  It is in the basement, but I can’t get to it.  Trying to lure it out with food.


One Response to Ghost Cat and Crazy Bird

  1. Tom M says:

    Let’s see – really stupid male, mindlessly doing the same thing over and over, trying to attack his own reflection. I’d name him George W.

    Of course, if he eventually succeeds in bashing his brains out, there’s the solution to your cat bait problem.

    (I’ve got the same cardinal behavior here, and I also named him George W. My windows are safe, but you should see the piles of poop under the car’s exterior mirrors.)


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