Southern Crossroads – Winchester Star Review

Another great review for Southern Crossroads.  This from The Winchester Star:

Wayside Theatre’s original production of “Southern Crossroads” is just what the doctor ordered for these cold, dreary days of winter…

The acting is superb and adds to the excellent delivery of the musical selections.

Written by Crocker and Przybylski, who also arranged the music, the production offers a great evening of entertainment with expert acting and outstanding musical talents. [more]

The reviews match the enthusiasm of the crowds.  We had a great show yesterday and the audience really came with us.  They cheered the music and they hissed the villains again (it’s hard not to laugh when that happens).

I’m enjoying this show immensely.  It’s a few hours before call, and I wish I was there right now.  That’s a gratifying feeling.

[photo by Westervelt]

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