Work Day Tomorrow


Tomorrow is going to be a work day.  A creative work day.

I have been struggling with a writing project for months and I am stripping the day of all distractions and I’m just going to write.  I have no idea what is going to come out, but I’m going to write.

Breakfast. Write. Lunch. Write. Dinner. Write. Stop.

Hopefully this will be the momentum I need to get this thing done.  If I can lay down a big chunk of words tomorrow, perhaps it will propel me to do a little every day after that.  Discipline, discipline, discipline.

So, I will not post tomorrow morning.  Instead, I’m going to stop writing at 10pm, have a scotch (probably a double), and post at about 10:15pm to let you know how it went.

[photo by churl]

3 Responses to Work Day Tomorrow

  1. Margaret Lewis says:

    Good for you, darling. Sometimes the all-day writing marathon is exactly what’s needed. I will say a little prayer to the muses and hope that they will ring you with inspiration, comfort and joyful productivity. And who knows? Maybe a little inspiration will overflow onto me!

  2. Margaret Lewis says:

    Nope, no inspiration. I’m still my same lazy self….though I prefer the term indolent, as I’m described in my astrological chart.

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