Southern Crossroads – Radio Interview

Jeanne, Suzanne and Barbara - The "Just Say It" Ladies

Jeanne, Suzanne and Barbara - The "Just Say It" Ladies

This morning some of us in the cast of Southern Crossroads taped an interview for a local radio program.

The program is called Just Say It,  and is hosted by three wonderful ladies who have been longtime friends of Wayside.

The program is an eclectic mix of current events, opinion, arts, pets and feng shui.  You heard me.  It’s all held together by these “Three Brazen Ladies”.  Kind of crazy and lots of fun.

I enjoyed it.  There’s quite a bit to say about the development of Southern Crossroads, and I’m grateful for any opportunity for us to talk about it.

Not sure when we’ll be on, but the program is available everywhere online, and broadcast locally on 790am from Mt. Jackson, VA.

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