GhostCat and CrazyBird – Part 2

Good news, everyone.  The cat (or cats) that may have been trapped in the basement seem to have found their way out.

For the last few weeks, I had been hearing a mewing cat but couldn’t find it.  I finally found it in the basement, which is no small feat, because I have what you might call a scary basement. Fortunately, I’m not squeamish about going down there, but maybe I should be.

The Way In

The Way In

Cat was in this cubbyhole - way back...

Cat was in this cubbyhole - way back...

I put out some food, laid a plank from the cubbyhole to the floor and left the door open for a short time (keeping an eye to make sure nothing else went down.)

It’s been a few days now, no more food has been eaten and no more mewing has been heard.  I think we liberated the cat.

The cardinal that is attacking my window, though?  Still attacking my window.

Keep hope alive, CrazyBird.  Keep hope alive.


2 Responses to GhostCat and CrazyBird – Part 2

  1. Margaret Lewis says:

    There’s a squirrel that has repeatedly (though sporadically) attacked my back window. Do you think the cardinal and the squirrel both belong to some cult?

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