The Old New Fiddle

Lately I ‘ve been a little frustrated with my music work in Southern Crossroads. My solo work has felt utterly sub-par.  I wasn’t finding the right sound.

Had a bit of an unexpected breakthrough.  I changed fiddles.

I have two violins and I had been using my pre-1900 beauty that I consider the better of the two (I call it Frankenfiddle – that story will be another post.)  Over the past few weeks, the chinrest has been falling off.  It’s not a big deal, it should just clamp right on to the body, but it doesn’t fit correctly.


So, I decided to use my industrial fiddle.  The one I bought new in 1987 because I needed a violin for college and couldn’t afford a better one.  Functional, but a bit shrill.

Suddenly the music came to life.

The other fiddle has the sweetest tone you can possibly imagine, but it isn’t suited for sawing.  Industrial fiddle holds up to it very nicely thank you, and now since it’s over 20 years old it is a bit less shrill.

Two show day today, and I’m ready for battle.


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