Fiddle For Your Lunch


I have started playing fiddle at The Civil Cricket at Noon on Tuesdays.

The Civil Cricket is a Cafe and Coffeehouse right across the street from the theater.  It’s a beautiful gem of a place and has become a bit of a hub to the arts scene in town.

The owner, Rob Mangus, has a been a friend to Wayside Theatre ever since he came to town.  Now he’s trying to boost the lunch crowd by having music during lunch.  My friend and fellow actor, David Maga, is playing piano on Wednesdays and I’m doing fiddle on Tuesday.  For lunch and tips (almost Mr. BoJangles, but not quite).

Yesterday was my first day.  What fun to play my 19th Century fiddle in an 18th Century cabin.  Very enjoyable with a small but generous lunch crowd.

[photo from Civil Cricket website]

2 Responses to Fiddle For Your Lunch

  1. Margaret Lewis says:

    That sounds lovely. I wish I were in town so I could go there for lunch. What a treat.

  2. Jim Collins (Chicago, IL) says:

    We’re in complete agreement! Attend SOUTHERN CROSSROADS at the Wayside Theatre (it’s one of the best shows we’ve seen in years — and join Rob and the folks at The Civil Cricket for lunch, dinner or some delicious treats after the show. And let me tell you, these two guys are quite the performers! You will be so happy you chose to be there when they’re showing off their formidable talents. This is a very special place. We intend to make the trek as often as possible.

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