Southern Crossroads – Past Half

What's with the terror in my eyes?  Me with Steve Przybylski in Southern Crossroads

We have already passed the halfway point of Southern Crossroads.

This is one of those shows that I’m going to miss.  We brought this show into existence from nothing and that does tend to give one a sense of ownership.

We are at that point where we have to be careful about getting too comfortable.  We are quite familiar with this show right now and sometimes that comfort can steal the forward energy and give a show that not so fresh feeling.

This is when we have to reawaken that spontaneity we had at the beginning.  That doesn’t mean change things.  It is the art of looking like it’s the first time.


I have been changing up my solos.  Some of the stuff I was hammering away at just was not working.  I think I’ve found the right groove though.  Groovy.

More to say tomorrow, but my taxes are calling today.  Ugh.

[photo by Westervelt]

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